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arrhythmia blood of another[arrhythmia/blood of another](2008) 1.subsequence -Jet Set substance mx- / 2.misery loves company -tactic mind vs phobia rmx- / 3.strange days -CPR rmx- / 4.cruel division -upload rmx- / 5.hommage -Corwin’s mx- / 6.subsequence -Lounge mx cracked by JNC- / 7.beHind -HYPERCEPTIOHM rmx- / 8.Berlin is burning -flux- / 9.arrhythmia -impulse- / 10.strange days -Kaleidoscopic Heart mx- / 11.hommage -Lost Shadows rmx- / 12.Paris is burning -resident- / 13.strange days -tactic mind vs phobia rmx- / 14.harshrealm -RAZED IN BLACK rmx instrumental version-